Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System
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What's included in the 10 piece LintEater System

Four 36 inch long flexible rods
screw together to reach into dryer vents up to 12 feet from one end*

Self-feeding 4 inch diameter Auger Brush
attaches to the flexible rods and makes multiple turns to thoroughly scour your vent clean. High quality bristles retain shape for repeated use.

Blockage Removal Tool
removes heavy blockages, such as animal nests, or attaches to several rods and a cordless drill to clear out clogged downspouts from ground level.

Large 2 ½ inch diameter Lint Trap Brush
will reach 42" when connected to one rod - all the way to the bottom of your lint trap. Exceptional reach also makes it a snap to clean intake vents, underneath and all around your dryer. Use it around any appliance, remove cobwebs or connect more rods for any hard-to-reach area around your home. Safely and easily conforms to tight areas like baseboard heating vents.

Vacuum Adapter
connect a standard 2 ¼"hose shop vac or blower to completely remove lint while rotary brushing

Dryer Adapter
use the dryer air to remove lint while rotary brushing, if you don't have a shop vac or blower

Operator's Manual
has detailed instructions with illustrations and safety tips for dryer safety and maintenance.

*12 foot extension rod kit available for vents longer than 12 feet (sold separately)

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