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According to Tom Kraeutler, host of The Money Pit national home improvement radio show, "The dryer is potentially one of the most dangerous appliances in the home. Homeowners can't imagine how much lint sneaks by the filter screen and gets into the venting. The Gardus™ LintEater™, a complete system that thoroughly removes lint from the exhaust ducts, can be used by any homeowner to protect their family and property from dryer fires."


"Great product! If you have a clothes dryer at home, you need the LintEater to help prevent dryer vent fires and make your house safer."
-Glenn Haege, America's Master Handyman

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THIS PRODUCT WORKS! We recently moved into a rental house and immediately noticed the dryer was not working correctly. My dryer was getting so hot that it actually melted the plastic soap container!

After disconnecting the dryer from the outside venting and running the flexible ducting outside, the dryer ran as normal (both cool and with a shorter cycle). I stuck my leaf blower into the venting and did get some lint out, but not enough to make the dryer work properly.

My landlords "handyman" came by with a toilet brush on a piece of rope and said he couldn't find anything at any of the stores that cleaned dryer venting so he thought he would run the brush through a few times. Immediately I started an internet search and discovered the LINTEATER. We called and had one rushed to us.

A few days later my LINTEATER arrived and within minutes my wife and I began to clean the dryer venting. What we discovered was both amazing and alarming. After only 30 seconds my wife called me (we used little handheld radios to communicate as the venting went out the roof) and said the vacuum was already full! After about 10 minutes - stopping several times to empty the vacuum - we were done and were left with POUNDS of lint!


"I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It's great knowing your dryer vent is clean and giving your dryer a longer life. After cleaning the dryer vent with LintEater, it takes less time to dry clothes. My neighbor used it and was amazed at how much there was in the dryer vent. LintEater cleans better than any other cleaning tool I've ever used on dryer vents."
- Ronald A. Lombard

"The LintEater is well-designed and constructed and it does a thorough job of cleaning the complete dryer exhaust, from the lint screen to the discharge. The price is reasonable and it cleans better than anything I've ever used. My dryer vent is 22 ft. long and needs frequent cleaning. My wife finds the clothes take less time to dry. It's easy to use, easy to store."
- Ronald R. Norden

"I would recommend the LintEater. It works as advertised to loosen and remove lint in the dryer vent lines. I used it with a good shop vac and it got the junk out of the lines. The extra rods gave me plenty of reach and I understand an extension kit is available if needed. I think it is a great product to use to ensure against a known fire hazard."
- Larry Trivette

"The LintEater is an easy to use tool to clean and maintain a hazardous area in almost every home. Every home should have a LintEater and make it part of their regular home maintenance."
- Charles L. Turner


"I was amazed at the amount of lint that came out of my dryer vent while using your LintEater system - about a large pillow case full. And it cut my dryer times in half. So, thank you; you have a great product that works wonders!"
- Christine G.

"My LintEater really works great. It made short work out of cleaning my dryer vent, which makes 3 turns in my crawlspace. My wife loves the lint brush and uses it for cleaning underneath just about everything in the house."
- David B.

"After trying cheaper brushes with flimsy push handles that just didn't work, I was lucky to find the LintEater. The spinning brush removed all of the lint from my dryer vent which runs about 25 feet and makes two turns. Thanks for a product that actually works."
- Lou I.

"It used to take more than 2 hours to dry clothes and I thought the problem was my dryer. Thanks to Gardus, we realized how important it is to clean our dryer vent. The LintEater system came with everything we needed to make the job easy and now it takes less than an hour to dry clothes. A great idea and a great product. Thanks!
"P.S. My husband loves the gutter cleaning attachment."
- Kim D.

"Just wanted to say thank you! For a great product. Used it the first it came! Our dryer works like new again not the same old run the thigns for two cycles (2hour) per load. The neighbors had their dryer vent cleaned for the same reason (slow drying) the week before I ordered ours at $100.00, by a local pro? So it's paid for it's self the first time I used it. Also, anyone could yuse this after reading the simple instructions manual or watch the dvd included. All the neighbors have made comments on borrowing the "Linteater System" to do their own in the near future. Thanks again!!! Saved us lots of time and money but, not only that less energy usage."
- Richard - Charlotte, NC

"WOW! I had cleaned the duct with just my shop vac and my hands a week earlier. When I received the Linteater System, I got about a half a shop-vac (I have a 5.5 gal shop vac) more lint out of the duct! My wife was extremely happy and impressed, as was I. A must have for home maintenance!!!!"
- Howard - Monrovia, MD.

"The Lint Eater is truly an amazing product. I used all 27 feet to go from the outside of my house to inside my utility room. Even very wet lint was removed from the vent. Obviously, my drying times are way down. I recommended this product to several of my friends."
- Walter - Houston, TX

"One of the smartest and simple-to-use tools available. No one, with a gas or electric clothes dryer, should be without this product. Quality construction and well priced (I shopped around). The last time I paid to have a dryer duct cleaning, it cost me twice what I spent on this product."
- Danny - Hacienda Heights, CA

"Product worked great; very easy; good instructions, especially the DVD. Thanks much." - Mary - Centreville, MD

"The difference this made in my dryer performance was unreal...the application was a two story, from the middle of the home, up through and across the attic and it worked like a dream...I needed every inch of the extra rods...very easy to use...would recommend to anyone!"
- Maurice - Summerville, CS

"Everything about this product is great. The construction of the product is very strong, yet extremely flexible for bending around the dryer vents. The instructions on the how to use the product are clear. I didn't look at the DVD, but I think that is around good selling point for how to use the product."
- Pete - Orlando, FL

"Great system! I was able to clean out a very dirty dryer duct myself for half the price of a professional service. Very easy to use. My wife was ready to buy a new dryer but now that the ducts are clean our dryer has never been hotter. Thanks!"
- Jonathan - Westlake Village, CA

"The linteater system and extension kit worked wonders with my cordless 18V drill. My dryer vent is now clear of 5 years worth of lint build up and my clothes dry faster and in return I'm using less energy to dry the clothes, so the linteater system will pay for itself over time. I would recommend the system to any homeowner that has an extended run from their dryer to its outside vent - it will definitely save you money and may prevent a fire caused by lint build up."
- Michael - Wallingford, CT

"I honestly thought that the plastic shaft would break going thru the two sharp, right angle metal, elbows in the dryer duct. It didn't. Worked surprisingly well. Very pleased."
- Bill - Redmond, WA

"Your website was very easy to follow. Very fast shipping and product was exactly what was specified on ad. 100% satisfied."
- James - Mims, FL

"Worth every penny! I have posted your product information on our Townhouse Yahoo Group (177 owners) to let others know how well it worked. At least one other person has purchased one and was as pleased as I was with its performance plus I've loaned mine out to several neighbors who were equally amazed. I actually paid someone a lot more than this cost me to have my vents cleaned out previously, and they didn't do nearly as good a job as this device provided. Due to a poor design (two 90 degree bends), our vents need to be cleaned frequently, and now I have a cost effective way to do that. It's not often that I find a product that delivers as well as this one did at a fair price."
- Linda - Fremont, CA

"This system really works! I have a 25 foot vent that needed frequent cleaning. In the past, I would stick a long series of hoses attached to a shop vac to clean it out. This did not work too well, as I had to repeat every 4 months. The LintEater (w/extension) cleared a full garbage bag of lint and part of a nest that was evidently causing the blockage problem (yes, there is a cover on the outside of the vent). The LintEater is well made and should prove worth the money. I don't believe you could find a professional service that could come close to matching the price on one cleaning. An extra benefit is the cost savings that result from having to run fewer dryer cycles. "
- Ed - Acworth, GA

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